Clients and carriers have access to state-of-the-art technology providing leading edge transportation solutions


We have established GPS connectivity with geo-fence capabilities giving real-time visibility to your freight and providing automated status updates.


Our technology is backed up with live individuals with real transportation experience


At DWC, we provide access to technology that automates everyday processes improving productivity and the overall customer experience.

The DWC Difference

Our team, having worked at large global corporations, realized that mid -market size companies were critically under served by the logistics industry.

Mid-size companies are generally receiving basic transaction level service. Logistics suppliers are not identifying continuous improvement opportunities or looking for ways to streamline supply-chains benefiting their clients, whereas; at DWC , in addition to transportation services we also provide, as part of the overall solution, consultative solutions and a TMS community-platform to run your business.

Our objective is to use our large industry experience to elevate the service to our customers. At DWC, we intend to aid and assist our clients to increase their profitability by improving their logistics solutions.